Which School Board Members Take City Health Benefits

Being an elected official in the city of Manchester is a privilege bestowed on a select few by its residents. Those that are chosen for office do not do so for monetary gain but instead as a form of public service. To this end, it would come as a surprise to many within the city to know that all of those elected officials in fact do take a stipend for their service and many also choose to take the city offered health plan. While the city does offer the health plan to all aldermen and School Board officials, it does come at a substantial cost to the taxpayer. On average, the city health plan and separate dental plan can cost the city upwards of $20K per person. If all 29 elected officials (Mayor + 14 members for each board) then the cost would be north of $500K. Thankfully this is not the current case as many member forgo the benefits. Those that do collect the benefit, in addition to getting paid, should probably refuse the benefit and plow the money back into the general fund. What could the city purchase with an extra $200-$300K?

School Board At-Large member Rich Girard asks the question of who is receiving health benefits and at what cost in his daily show. In this audio clip, he discusses the costs and those that do receive the benefit and why.

Listen to the show – Click link here.