UL Article Describes SB Breach of Confidentiality

On October 1, the Union Leader’s City Hall columnist Paul Feely went into great detail regarding the breach of confidentiality on the school board last week. Describing the email that was sent by At-Large School Board member Nancy Tessier and the subsequent legal ramifications including the possible removal from office, Feely connects the dots for the reader as to why this breach is such a problem. If things like this breach are allowed to continue on the board and then swept under the rug, it leaves the city open to lawsuits and undermines the integrity of the non-public session to discuss personnel matters. The original motion to cover up the issues was made by Ward 12’s Connie Van Houten. Van Houten’s motion to receive and file passed, with Erika Connors, John Avard, Katie Desrochers, Connie Van Houten, Sarah Ambrogi, Leslie Want, Dan Bergeron and Nancy Tessier in favor. Also note that because this motion involved Tessier she should have recused herself from the vote, but ultimately did not.

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