Joe Kelly Levasseur Offer Legal Services To City, Ward 6 School Board Member Refuses.

September 26, 2017

Last night during a Manchester School Board meeting, the last agenda item of the night regarding a small claims suit against the city came up. In the suit, former superintendent Dr. Debra Livingston charges that the city failed to reimburse her for $590.50 from expenses incurred while in her former position. Rather than have the school board, which currently does not have a lawyer on staff, go out and secure legal counsel, Alderman Joe Kelly Levasseur offered his services for free. When a motion whether to accept his off to the board was put to a vote, all the members present either voted ‘yes’ or abstained. Only Ward 6 member Dan Bergeron voted against the measure.

If Bergeron was uncomfortable with the offer from a sitting alderman, why did he not propose an alternative method? What other option was available that did not require hiring counsel at $150+/hr? In our opinion, taking Levasseur’s offer of free services was the right way to go.

The full Union Leader article can be found here.